Tellermate Printer

Print accurate audit trails and reduce the need for manual records

The Tellermate thermal printer connects to most of the Tellermate models and provides the user with a detailed audit trail of count transactions (notes, coins, other media, take outs, till number etc.).  Reprints can be made of the audit trail and can be used as a receipt for staff cash balancing and banking transactions.  Printout provides space for a signature. Where duplicates are printed, the printout will be marked as such. In addition, each printed slip carries a unique number to ensure no missing printouts during the count process.

Save up to 70% in time on your cash operations. Call us, we will tell you how.

Recommended Industries: Grocers, Convenience stores, Druggists, Departmental stores, Sports stadiums, QSR’s, Gas Stations

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  • Provides the user with a full audit-trail of count transaction (notes, coins, other media, balance, take out value, count value) and identifiers the cashier or till that has sourced the transaction.
  • Enhance record-keeping & reduce manual records
  • Print detailed cash count transaction records including time and date stamp
  • Space provided for cashier/supervisor signature
  • Automatically links with Tellermate models – no additional software required
  • Stock Code: TPS001
  • Thermal printer
  • Connects to Tellermate: TY, TY+, TIX2000, TIX3500,TIX3550, TIX4550
  • Thermal paper to be used - Diameter – 60mm
  • Power supply: input to suite country of use. 100 – 240 VAC
  • Box inserts – User manual, power adapter, cord, connecting cable, CD, roll of paper
  • Net Dimensions: Length: 7.09”(180mm), Height: 3.54”(90mm), Width: 4.33”(110mm)
  • Net Weight: 1lbs 28oz (.58kg)

All Tellermate printers come standard with a 12 Months Warranty. This provides our customers with peace of mind and confidence in our products. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and misuse of the product.

Extended warranties on all our equipment is available.

In the unlikely event that the product requires replacement due to failure within the warranty period, please contact our office via email at On receipt of the email our Technician will be in contact with you to discuss your warranty claim and the way forward. Where the product is to be returned the Technical department will provide the applicable authorisation number to return the goods. Please note no goods may be returned without an authorization number. In the event goods are returned without an authorization number, a $100.00 handling fee will be levied.

All our prices include shipping. Standard shipping terms of UPS or similar carrier. Delivery will be within 5 business days (estimate days only – will be confirmed on placement of order).  Priority shipping is also available. Please request details on priority shipping if applicable.

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  • Union Group | October 20, 2014

    CPT INC has been given exclusive distribution rights for Canada for all of the Union Group products. Union Group is based in Barcelona Spain and are one the largest cash counting providers in Spain. They have been supplying cash counting solutions for over 30 years. Their extensive product range is distributed across Europe, Africa, Russia & Australia.

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